Alfred Jewel


C. 1900 United Kingdom
h    2.56 inches    6.50 cm
w    1.18 inches    3.00 cm
d    0.59 inches    1.50 cm
Description / Expertise
A late 19th century replica of the `Alfred Jewel` in silver-gilt; the upper face an inlaid stone including lapis lazuli and gold image of a standing male with a rock crystal cover; the edge of the cell with the text `+AELFRED MEC HEH GEWYRCAN A number of replicas of the Alfred Jewel were commissioned and distributed by Elliot Stock, a London bookseller and publisher. . J. Charles Wall wrote in 1900 that 'in commemoration of the millenary of Alfred, Mr. Elliot Stock has reproduced this jewel so that it may be better known than hitherto, and by it to recall the Christian labours of that king'.
Silver Lapis Lazuli.
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